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hair_slash's Journal

father, why do these words sound so nasty?
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slash fanfiction and discussion for the musical hair!

welcome to hair_slash, your home on livejournal to slash relating to the characters and cast members of the musical hair! just a couple of ground rules and things you ought to know.

1. for the privacy and safety of our members, all entries in the community are locked. MEMBERSHIP IS NO LONGER MODERATED mostly because nobody posts and i don't want to keep approving people. i'm lazy.

2. what happens in hair_slash STAYS IN hair_slash. seriously guys it makes all of our lives easier if we keep all of the slashy fun here.

3. don't be a douchebag. easy enough. i trust you guys to keep it cool and not be assholes to each other, so don't fuck it up.

4. HAVE FUN! seriously post lots of lulzy things, write fics, make photo manips of steel burkhardt as dainty june in gypsy, MAKE IT HAPPEN.
EDIT: IT IS NOW A RULE that you MUST make a manip of Steel Burkhardt as Dainty June to be accepted into the community. (Okay not really, but I'd really really really like it).

lots of love,

your mods mandee (chimericaal) and emma (acastleonacloud)